Meditel360 product is a healthcare video-centric collaboration service.  It’s based on our cloud services platform we call Medicall.   Medicall service is delivered as turnkey project offering.  The core functionality can be easily customized and integrated into the customer environment.  We also provide collaboration software for the remote healthcare personnel, as well as software for patient communication terminal running on a device designed by us, or another computer of customer’s choice.  Furthermore, we manage vital signs monitoring and other examination medical devices, wired or Bluetooth based.   Patients and healthcare professionals can connect via wired, WiFi, or mobile networks.

MediCall Platform is:

Highly secure, utilizing encryption protocols such as HTTPS, TLS, and SRTP.   Our software and cloud facilities are fully compliant with HIPAA requirements.

SOA architecture-based, utilizing Web Services for key administrative functions and REST interface for user portal functions and third-party control.

Highly available and fully redundant.  Redundant systems can be geographically dispersed, with real-time synchronization of state information.

Highly scalable, able to handle 10,000+ medical personnel and patients per each dual high-availability cloud server instance, and multiple instances are possible.  Furthermore, that platform can be scaled horizontally distributing components among many servers.

For more information on the platform see technology section.