Medpod Inc.

Medpod, Inc. has created a proprietary healthcare platform that combines cutting-edge infrastructure and software with professional medical and laboratory devices to extend the physician’s reach, transform traditional care environments and create new beneficial settings of patient care. Medpod works in close collaboration with best-in-class software developers, medical device manufacturers, distributors, physicians, and health systems, to engineer and innovate new physical structures and delivery care options.  Medpod is a complete healthcare technology and infrastructure ecosystem architected intentionally to transform the delivery of care. The Medpod platform integrates proprietary telehealth software with best-in-class professional medical and laboratory devices for groundbreaking tele-diagnostics with real-time active polling and transmission of patient clinical data.  A unique combination of software and hardware configurations creates new clinical care environments that facilitate high-quality encounters between the remote physician and the patient, regardless of their physical location.   More information at

The Medpod solution is distributed by Henry Schein Medical a leading U.S. distributor to primary care physicians and specialists, group practices, physician-owned labs, and ambulatory surgery centers.   More information at

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MasterWord Services

Masterword offers Medical and other translation and interpreting services, cultural training and consultancy in preparation for regulatory audits, linguist assessments, and language proficiency testing. The Company works with over 250 languages and dialects, ranging from those most widespread, including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, English, French, and Russian, to the less common, such as Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, and American Sign Language (ASL), among others. MasterWord provides Professional Interpreting Services: in-person, over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), video remote interpretation (VRI), conference simultaneous interpretation. MasterWord Services provides certified court interpreters and MasterWord certified healthcare (medical) interpreters, including American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and other industry-specific language specialists.  Also, Professional Language Translation Services, such as technical, legal, medical, business, and literary documents and files, including e-Learning and e-Training development, translation of websites and software localization are available.  More information available at

Stony Brook University – CEWIT Medical Division

The goal of the Medical technologies division is to conduct research leading to the development of medical products, devices, and technologies that support patient and clinical care providers. CEWIT-MD will combine related programs, which are being researched and investigated on the campuses of the SUNY system and its medical centers. Under the guidance of its Medical Advisory Board, CEWIT-MD will advise on wireless and information technology infrastructure, regulation guidelines and market survey for its programs.,  CEWIT-MD brochure



eZuce provides telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions to enterprises and service providers worldwide. Organizations use our openUC™ suite of solutions to replace traditional phone systems, and to implement unified messaging, presence, instant messaging and other UC applications. Unlike traditional UC products, openUC is an open software platform that supports any end-user device while delivering virtually unlimited scalability, robust functionality, and flexible cloud/on-premise deployment options. Combined with an open-source economic model, openUC slashes both operating and capital expenses to deliver unprecedented value among enterprise-class telephony and UC vendors.