Meditel360’s cloud-based video-centric telemedicine services platform enables us to deliver fast and cost-effectively a customized turnkey telehealth solution to healthcare providers.  We connect remote healthcare professionals with patients, and we manage remote vital signs monitoring and diagnostic devices (e.g. remote stethoscope, a video scope, etc.) in real-time. Our platform is a high capacity, high availability, secure solution designed specifically and exclusively to address the emerging healthcare market needs. Because we offer the technology as a service, our customers can start implementing telehealth with minimal upfront cost, and pay as they go based on usage. The offering is ideal for home-care agencies, nursing homes, schools, assisted living, medical concierge offering, and telemedicine medical practices, clinics, and hospitals. If you have a telehealth application on your mind contact us and we will be happy with the cooperation of our partners to provide you with an out of the box application or to design for you a customized solution to address your specific vision.  We will help you to deliver 360 degrees of healthcare from anywhere to anywhere, remotely.

With Telemedicine, you get higher patient satisfaction and better patient care, because patients get what they need in a timely fashion. Healthcare organization are rated by commercial entities based on patient satisfaction surveys.  If the outcomes are better, and you are delivering more expeditious and better quality care, the perception of patients and payors will be higher and your organization will benefit in all kinds of tangible and intangible ways.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of Healthcare decision-makers respondents to the Technology Innovation in Healthcare Survey by HIMSS Media cited interoperability, health information exchange, and data integration as the areas of healthcare most in need of technology innovation. The fractured nature of medical consumer-grade telemedicine solutions needs to be replaced by a single technology, enterprise, and secure platform that will evolve over time.  This is what Meditel360 and its partners deliver.


The Benefits


Telemedicine improves access to patients, and it also allows physicians and health facilities to expand their reach, beyond their own offices.


Studies have consistently shown that the quality of healthcare services delivered via telemedicine is as good those given in traditional in-person consolations. Due to better and timely access telemedicine delivers superior services with greater outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Telemedicine reduces the cost of healthcare and increases efficiency through better management of chronic diseases, shared health professional staffing, reduced travel times, and fewer or shorter hospital stays.


Consumers want telemedicine. The greatest impact of telemedicine is on the patient, their family, and their community. Multiple studies have shown patient satisfaction and support for telemedical services. Telehealth services offer patients access to providers that might not be available otherwise, as well as medical services without the need to travel long distances.